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Mopar Bumpers for the 2007 Wrangler - Jeep JK Steel

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Posted October 1, 2006

The First Bumpers for the All-New '07 Wrangler

With the launch of a new vehicle usually comes the anticipation of aftermarket performance parts to accessorize it from stem to stern. It's not too often that the actual company producing the vehicle also cranks out good-quality off-road trail accessories - but that's not so in this case. For some die-hard, brand-loyal enthusiasts, there is nothing better than bolting on Mopar accessories.

Mopar is the first to design, build, and offer tough steel bumpers and rocker guards for the Jeep Wrangler JK. The bumpers are constructed from 3/16-inch steel and provide greater protection of the vehicle over the stock bumpers - and they look good. The bumpers also meet and pass all federal crash and safety standards.

Before the release of the JK, we had the opportunity to be the first kids on our block to visit Mopar and watch its technician bolt the very first set of new bumpers and rocker guards to the '07 Wrangler. We have to say that it was quick and simple and as easy as bolting bumpers on the old TJ.


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