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Gen-Right Custom Aluminum Fuel Tank - Feeding the Beast

Posted in How To on November 1, 2006
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Photographers: Tony Pellegrino

With all the time and planning that go into a V-8 conversion, it is easy to overlook the gas tank. After weighing all the options, we decided to contact Gen-Right Off Road for one of its new Crawler tanks, which house a factory-type in-tank fuel pump.

Gen-Right is located in Simi Valley, California, and introduced its Crawler line of gas tanks to the public in March of this year. The company is quickly becoming known for solving the "big axle problem." The big axle problem is a result of the diff cover of a larger upgraded axle hitting the gas tank skidplate in CJ, YJ, and TJ Jeeps - obviously a problem. But of course necessity is the mother of invention.

Although Gen-Right at first only offered the EXT model, which allows you to move back the rear axle as far as 5 inches without losing your back seat, the company now offers three other models to carry more gas, increase ground clearance, or stretch the wheelbase of your Jeep up to 7 inches.

In our case, we're building a Scrambler, so a longer wheelbase is not an issue. We wanted to increase the fuel capacity for those longer trips into the backcountry and feed our hungry V-8 conversion, so we chose the Enduro model. The Enduro safely transports 5 additional gallons of fuel yet still mounts in the stock location by better utilizing the space under the Jeep. The clever guys at Gen-Right even figured out a way to reuse the factory-style in-tank fuel pump, level sender, filler hoses, and vent lines to make this a simple bolt-in solution.

We decided to make a trip to Simi Valley and see firsthand how the new tank for Project Scrambled Adventurer was made.

What exactly does it take to make a Gen-Right gas tank? Each 1/8-inch-thick aluminum tank is stamped out by a huge CNC machine, and the pieces are bent into shape on a CNC brake. All the tanks have CNC-machined fittings and are TIG-welded. Each tank is then pressure-tested to check for porosity or leaks of any kind. A finished tank is then fitted into a foam-lined, 3/16-inch-thick steel skidplate that matches the shape of the new tank for maximum protection and long-term durability.

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