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Toyota FJ Cruiser - Solid Improvement-Tech

Posted in How To on December 1, 2006
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Now that you have your brand-new FJ parked in your driveway, it's time to get it out on the trail. Out of the box, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has proven to be a versatile machine both on- and off-road, but we all want more. Donahoe Racing has released a new Toyota FJ coilover kit that comes complete with everything you need to give your FJ more clearance for a larger, more aggressive tire and the performance you are looking for on the trail for both high-speed and low-speed wheeling.

For our install we will also be adding Donahoe Racing billet upper control arms, rear shock absorbers, and coil springs. All of these products were in developmental stages at the time we installed our lift, but as you read this they should be currently available through Donahoe Racing.

The following information is how we performed our installation. Please consult the included instructions with your product before your installation. Please use common sense and use safety measures to ensure that you are not injured during the installation process. Before wrenching on a vehicle, we always make sure our truck is either in gear or in Park and that the brake is set. The engine should be turned off and the tires chocked to be sure the vehicle will not roll off the jack or jackstands.

With the vehicle sitting on level ground, we measured from the center of the wheel hub to the top of the fender opening and then wrote this measurement down to refer to it later when setting ride height.

Next, we jacked up the front of our vehicle and supported it with jackstands under the framerails. Then we removed the front wheels. Now on to the install


Donahoe Racing
Anaheim, CA 92806

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