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Champion Wheel Beadlocks for 4x4s

Posted in How To on October 27, 2006
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Contributors: Kevin Hawkins

Champion Beadlock of Lake Elsinore, California, has a long tradition of quality. Milan Garrett, president and owner of Champion Wheel has been building quality beadlocks for desert off-road racing, drag racing, ATVs, and four-wheel drives for over 20 years. During this time, Champion beadlocks have endured thousands of miles of relentless off-road racing and the extreme horsepower and torque of drag racing. Champion has served these extreme conditions well over the years, and that's why the company is still one of the leaders in this market.

Even though beadlocks were originally designed for other racing applications, they fit into our off-road world very well. Running beadlocks on your truck allows you to achieve reliability and safety while driving today's extreme trails. Because of new off-road racing rules, Champion's rings were redesigned so the 5/16-inch Grade 8 mounting bolts are recessed flush with the outside surface of the ring. This totally protects the bolt heads from the rock damage that off-roaders often encounter. With the bolts recessed, the wheels also have a new, classy look. The new rings are easier to wash and polish as well.

The Mickey Thompson Classic II alloy wheels that Champion used for these beadlocks have proven themselves over the years to be tough, quality wheels that look great and are still reasonably priced.

We've been running Milan's Champion beadlock wheels now for over 10 years on our four-wheel-drive Jeeps. During that time, he has demonstrated a personal touch toward all our orders, and the deliveries are always on time. What more could you ask for? Champion sells just the rings too, if you need to buy a set for special occasions.

The bottom line: Champion Beadlock's years of experience, high quality, and superior design places it among the leaders in beadlock manufacturing.

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Champion Wheel Co./Champion Beadlock

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