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Full-Traction's Ultimate Wrangler JK Suspension

Posted in How To on December 26, 2006
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Photographers: Courtesy of Full-Traction
The additional ground clearance gained with the new suspension makes mild wheeling like this that much easier. Without this suspension, the Jeep would have been skidding across its underchassis in this position.

"If it works, don't fix it." In most cases this is sound advice, but then again there is always the case of fixing something that doesn't need to be fixed and getting the end result just right. Such is the case with the new Jeep Wrangler JK. In factory form, the Rubicon version of the JK works like any real 4x4 coming off an assembly line should - extremely well. We personally wheeled a bone-stock, '07 four-door Jeep Rubicon over some of the toughest parts of the Rubicon Trail and it performed exceptionally. The only thing the Jeep needed was an increase in ground clearance. The Jeep's electric lockers and low 4:1 transfer case are certainly worth every penny.

If you're going to fix something that doesn't need it, then you might as well do it right. Full-Traction has been producing topnotch suspension systems for more years than we can shake a stick at. The company's Ultimate 3-inch JK suspension system uses nothing short of high-quality parts, and it is built to complement the vehicle's prowess, not just simply raise it the air.

What do you get with this suspension? You get more ground clearance between the axles and the rocks and more clearance between the rocker panels and the ground. You also get a fully functional, smooth, usable, and reliable suspension. This isn't a lifted-for-looks-only suspension like the street truck guys know so much about. With a minimal amount of 3 inches in suspension lift, you get the room to mount 35-inch tires underneath the vehicle, keeping its center of gravity relatively low. This plays an important role in vehicular safety as well. A lower center of gravity and the JK's wider-than-TJ track width produce more stability out on the trail. This translates to safer wheeling while the vehicle is in off-camber positions. Believe it or not, just a few inches here and there makes a big difference.

The installation of the suspension system is almost identical to that of the Wrangler TJ. One exception to this is moving the factory rear sway-bar links to the front sway bar. The front links are 6 inches in length, and the rear are 8 inches. The rear links work perfectly on the front sway bar when the vehicle is lifted 3 inches. Also, with this minimal amount of lift, there is no need to replace the pitman arm. The system included new sway-bar links for the rear.

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Full-Traction Suspension
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