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Vehicle Maintenance - Prep Your 4x4 - Moab Tech

Cleaning Jeep Cherokee
Scott Becker | Writer
Posted April 4, 2007

Vehicle Maintenance & Inspection For "Break-Free" Wheeling - Moab Survival Guide

A clean vehicle is easier to inspect and a whole lot more enjoyable to work on. Here, a diesel-powered hot-water pressure washer made by Karcher is used to blast away dirt and grime.

A year of daily driving and countless trails has gone by and it's time for a thorough vehicle inspection to make sure everything is up to snuff. The common things we should always keep a watchful eye on are motor oil, brake fluid, coolant, and power-steering fluid. But checking the internals of your drivetrain, suspension attachment points, and brake components is a crucial part of maintenance that is easy to ignore until it leaves you broken down on the trail. Here are a few of the things that should be checked at least once a season or more often, depending on the amount of mud, water, and sand you and your vehicle encounter.

Vehicle Prep Check List
Location: Moab, Utah; Easter Jeep Safari 2007
Powerwash undercarriage
Inspect and change all necessary fluids
Inspect transfer case
Differential inspection and fluidchange; install LubeLockers
Install CTM U-joints and new outer Alloy USA axleshafts
Check all U-joints in driveshafts
Wheel bearings and hub assemblyBrakes: pads and rotors
Check all flex joints and adjust as needed
Check all welded stress areas; replace any damaged areas with heavy-duty
bracketsCheck all steering components: check steering-box mount for cracks
Check for worn or broken shocks
Check all electrical connections
Interior supplies: recovery equipment, water, food, first aid, radio, etc.
Secure interior items and arrange for quick access


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