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Currie Currectlync Steering System - Steered Strong

Posted in How To on May 4, 2007 Comment (0)
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With the Currie Enterprises Currectlync heavy-duty tie-rod and drag-link system installed on our '97 Jeep Cherokee XJ, we're ready to meet obstacles head on, without the incessant worry of tweaking the steering system.

Being that they sit forward of the front axle, the tie rod and drag link are typically the first part of your vehicle to make contact with rocks and other obstacles. Depending on your rate of travel, this meeting can go one of two ways, and considering the amount of bent stock tie rods we see on Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers, there are very few who come out unscathed in the exchange.

The Currie Currectlync heavy-duty tie-rod and drag-link system is designed for all Wrangler TJs, including Unlimited and Rubicon models, Cherokee XJ, and Comanche MJ Jeeps. The system includes a new, 1-1/4-inch, chrome-moly bar stock tie rod that's bored and threaded on the ends; a 1-1/4-inch-diameter, forged chrome-moly drag link; new 7/8-inch-thread rod ends with urethane boots and jam nuts; and clamps, adjusters, and a heavy-duty steering-stabilizer bracket. Currie also offers a Rancho RS5000 steering stabilizer to replace faded stock stabilizers.

While the Currectlync steering system will fit all of the previously mentioned vehicles, John Currie indicated that the kit functions best on vehicles equipped with some degree of lift. This is due to the fact the Currie steering components are much larger in diameter than stock and require a bit more clearance for unobstructed operation, as well as because the drag link is slightly angled to better maintain proper steering geometry in a wide range of lifted Jeeps. If a stock vehicle is extra low due to sagging springs and shocks, the drag-link angle will be exceeded and steering binding could occur. Despite these warnings, we haven't experienced any issues in our bone-stock '97 Cherokee XJ - even during easy off-road maneuvering with slight articulation.

Along with the installation of the Currectlync steering, we also opted to install the company's steering-gearbox brace. The brace is a great aid in keeping the steering box securely mounted without the unibody area around the mount flexing or cracking. One end of the brace clamps to the steering gear, and the other crosses to the opposite framerail where it bolts in place under the sway-bar mount. The 7/8-inch steel brace is powdercoated black and includes gold-zinc-plated clamps and the necessary installation hardware.

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