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Jeep YJ Flip Top - Put a Roof over Your Head...or Don't

Posted in How To on May 4, 2007 Comment (0)
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The Pavement Ends Flip Top is available for CJ-7 and Wrangler Jeeps. It features a flip-back sunroof over the driver compartment that can be secured in place for open-air driving without the need to remove the entire top.

Driving a topless Jeep in Southern California isn't a big deal most of the year, but now and again it can get pretty darn cold. Much of the chill can be alleviated with a bikini top and a set of half or full doors, but when the rain starts coming down you simply plan on getting wet. Desiring the best of both the topless and topped worlds, we looked to Pavement Ends and its very affordable Flip Top. The Flip Top features a flip-back sunroof over the forward cab area. By simply unhooking the two windshield header latches, the top can be flipped rearward and secured in place for open-air driving without having to remove the entire top. If rain rears its head, the top is flipped back forward and secured with the latches.

The Flip Top is made from weatherproof fabric sewn with strength-tested industrial thread. It features DOT-approved, zip-in windows and uses heavy-duty Velcro, zippers, and snaps for a secure and long-lasting installation. Webbing is used throughout for extra strength, and rubber door seals ensure a tight fit at the tops of the doors. The Flip Top offers a full bow system with built-in upper door frames that allow use of full or half-doors. New half upper doors can be ordered with the top. Also, the rear and side windows can be unzipped and removed to create a safari-type top to increase ventilation while still blocking the heat of the sun.

About a week after installing the top, a heavy two-day rain drenched Southern California and put the new top to the test. We were pleased to find the interior dry - even around the door openings - well into the first day of rain. We took the YJ for a spin during the second day of the downpour and only experienced a few drips on our arms from around the upper windows. This was entirely acceptable to us considering the amount of rain California typically receives, and also for the fact that we've experienced similar minor leaks from factory soft tops and even pricier aftermarket tops. The Flip Top also does a great job of sealing the cab from wind and road noise, and it even improved the overall appearance of the vehicle.

The Pavement Ends Flip Top is available in a variety of colors, including Black, Black Denim, Tan, Dark Tan, Charcoal, and Spice. The Flip Top is offered for Jeep CJ-7 and '87-'06 Wrangler models. Pavement Ends also offers soft tops for Isuzu Amigo, Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick, and Suzuki Samurai vehicles. We carried out the installation of a Jeep YJ Flip Top in our driveway using basic handtools. The process was quick and easy, taking just a few hours to complete.

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