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1997 Jeep Cherokee - Keep Your Cool

Flowkooler Water Pump
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted August 1, 2007

Maintaining & Upgrading Your Cooling System

FlowKooler in San Luis Obispo, California, has many high-flow water pumps available for a huge variety of makes and models, including most Jeep models and Ford Broncos and Chevy Blazers. The all-new pump housing includes a high-flow impeller to address low-speed heating issues. The unit is also said to double the water-flow rate at low rpm and idle and then return to normal at 3,500 rpm to limit water flow at high speed.

When your cooling system starts to go, you're usually lucky enough to get a few warning signs before it completely craps out. Overheating is typically the first sign and could be caused by many different things. Although the cooling system in our '97 Jeep Cherokee hadn't been too finicky, we could see from the corroded steel fittings and lines on the plastic radiator side tanks, the multiple missing sections of cooling fins in the radiator core, and the quickly spiking thermostat gauge in the dash cluster soon after engine start-up, that it was just about on its last leg. The final blow came on a typical drive home from the office when more than half of the radiator's fluid bubbled over. Thankfully, we were able to limp the rig home and even drove it for another 150 miles after topping off the radiator with some hose water, but the time had finally come to replace and upgrade our cooling system's major components.

Among the the new cooling parts we'll install in this article are an aluminum-core McCulloch Fab radiator, a FlowKooler water pump, a Turbo City high-flow thermostat housing and 180-degree F thermostat, and new hoses and serpentine belt from Summit Racing.


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Summit Racing
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Turbo City
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Bryan Mcculloch Fabricating/Custom Aluminum Radiator Warehouse
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