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1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport - Keep The Spark Alive

Summit Racing Volt Max Extreme
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted August 1, 2007

Re-Igniting Your Ignition System

With over 155,000 miles on the engine in our '97 Jeep Cherokee Sport, we were well beyond the service life of the possibly factory-fit spark plugs, not to mention the spark wires and other ignition components. In an effort to squeak a few thousand more miles from the aging mill, we decided to tackle a few easy installations that would help re-ignite the ignition system and get our 4x4 firing with confidence. For some one-stop engine-parts shopping, we looked to Summit Racing, which was able to provide all of the items we needed for this installation. With the order placed, the Summit Racing parts arrived in just a few days and took just a few hours to install. Check out the photos and captions for all the details.


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Summit Racing
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