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2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Belly Skid - Just Skidding Around

Posted in How To on September 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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The Kilby Jeep Wrangler JK belly skid not only offers great underbody protection to vital components, it works well as a slider. We recently found our JK a little high-centered, and it wouldn't have slid off so easily without the belly skid in place.

Some of the first modifications performed on a Jeep should address protecting the vehicle's underbelly and vital drivetrain components. If you have ever been stranded in the middle of absolutely nowhere with a hole in your engine's oil pan, then you know what an unsettling feeling it is. Of course you can fix it with duct tape, J-B Weld, or bubble gum, but there's nothing like not having to worry about the problem at all.

Recently, we picked up Kilby Enterprises' new belly skid for the '07 Wrangler JK. It seems we picked up the skid just in the nick of time: After we knocked the dirt off our engine's oil pan, upon closer inspection we noticed some nice rock scratches and dents.

Kilby's new belly skid, built from tough 3/16-inch HRPO steel, is extremely stout and offers full protection from the front of the engine's oil pan rearward, completely covering the transfer case. The skid is simple to install and completely bolt-on. An added plus is the belly pan is smooth and can double as a slider.

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