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TeraFlex Jeep Rear Disc Brakes - More Efficient Braking Power

Posted in How To on September 1, 2007
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Most 4x4s on the road use a front disc-brake system paired with rear drum brakes. While disc/drum setups will offer adequate braking power for most rigs, a front-disc/rear-disc arrangement will allow for greater braking through turns and steep hills without as big a chance of brake fade. Rear drum-brake setups are also typically heavier than disc arrangements, and extra weight means more for the engine to push and more for the brakes to stop. Converting a rear drum-brake arrangement to a disc-brake setup is one means of shedding some unnecessary weight and improving the braking characteristics of the factory braking system.

TeraFlex offers rear disc-brake kits for all Jeep Wrangler TJs and Grand Cherokee ZJs. The system will also fit Jeep YJs with Dana 35 C-clip axles; Jeep Cherokee XJs with Dana 35, Chrysler 8.25, or Dana 44 rear axles; and performance axle setups that use larger axlehousing ends. Each TeraFlex kit also includes an internal-drum parking brake for excellent holding power and all of the basic components necessary for the conversion.

To install the TeraFlex rear disc-brake system on our '97 Jeep Cherokee Sport, we traveled to Four X Doctor Off Road Preparations in Burbank, California. There, the qualified crew completed the installation in just a few hours and also supplied the remaining necessary items not included in the kit. Check out the photos and captions for the installation details to decide if a rear disc-brake conversion will benefit your vehicle's braking system.

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Four X Doctor
Burbank, CA 91502

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