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Tire Rubbing

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Although the 35-inch diameter of our BFG Mud-Terrain tires offered great ground clearance, the 35-inch diameter meant that other aspects of chassis performance were suffering on our FJ Cruiser. Bumptravel, front and rear, was limited. There's a body mount at the rear of the front wheelwells that crowds the tires. Those body mounts had been trimmed, but our 'Cruiser's front tires still had a bad case of the rubs. In the rear, compression/bumptravel was limited by a 2-inch bumpstop spacer. The spacer prevented the tires rubbing out back, but the limited rear travel meant that things got ugly as soon as speed and whoops - even small whoops - were combined. Trimming the sheetmetal or using Donahoe Racing's FJ Cruiser fiberglass front fenders and rear quarter-panels yields enough clearance to run 35s. We wanted a quicker solution and one that was less invasive. We tried a set of 33s on for size.