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Jeep JK - Grab a Rack

Jeep Jk Group Shot
Jordan May | Writer
Posted November 1, 2007
Photographers: Courtesy of JK Racks

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Because of the new four-door configuration, the interior space of the new Jeep JK is vast compared to what you would find in previous Wrangler-model Jeeps. However, even with all of the new cabin room, most of us still never have enough room for all of the adventure gear we need on the trail. When this problem arises, it's time to look into roof-rack options. JK Racks of Vista, California, has just what you're looking for in a roof rack whether you have a two- or four-door-model JK with either a hard or soft top.

Chris Duncan, the owner of JK Racks, has been around the off-road world for years. You may have seen a few of his show-winning Landrunner vehicles or even taken a ride in one of his submarines off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Innovative is barely enough to describe some of the creations that he has been responsible for over the years. With a resume like Chris's, you can rest assured that his new JK racks are worthy of sitting atop your new Jeep.


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