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Rear Mount

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Holes are drilled into the rear of the vehicle to mount the roof-rack unit. Chris says that this is one of the best ways to secure a roof rack that is made to withstand a generous payload. The front of the rack mounts to the Jeep's quarter-panels. The rack is installed by guiding it up and over the front factory mirrors and locating the two factory windshield-mounting holes on either side's quarter-panel. The sections where the rack will be mounted both in the front and rear are then marked off. In the rear, a 5/16-inch hole is drilled 2 inches down from the top bend of the body line and 1 inch back from the body seam to leave ample room for the provided mounting plates. In order to mount the plates correctly, it's necessary to remove the taillights. This leaves sufficient room to mount the plates on the inside and outside of the vehicle. After the first hole is drilled the lower hole is then drilled. Gaskets are applied to the rack frame to keep from scratching the vehicle's paint.