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Overhead & Out Of The Way

Posted in How To on November 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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The high-quality Tuffy security console comes with everything you need for installation. Consoles are also available for the CJ-5, CJ-7, YJ, and TJ.

Our new four-door Wrangler has mega amounts of storage room inside for stashing all kinds of automotive and adventure gear. The only problem with this Jeep is that the dash area lacks sufficient space for mounting electronics accessories like a CB. We had run out of mounting options for our Cobra CB since we installed Mopar's Trail Guide on top of the dash. Temporarily, we mounted the CB to the passenger side of the shifter console, but it really looked out of place and was a little inconvenient to use in this location.

We called our contact at Tuffy Security Products just as the company's new overhead CB console was rolling off the production line. The new console's design definitely gives us a convenient and secure place to mount the CB. The overhead console is made to accommodate electronics like CBs, stereos, and speakers. It's built from 16-gauge steel and features a lockable storage compartment so electronics equipment can be tucked neatly inside. The lockable compartment is secured by an exceptionally tough 10-tumbler lock with built-in weather seals. If you're wheeling around with the top off and leave your Jeep unattended, it would be very difficult for someone to just reach in and steal your CB.

The console comes with everything needed for installation. It can be installed by a shade-tree mechanic of moderate abilities. We rate the installation moderate due to the wiring of the electrical components. We spliced into the wiring at the power outlet at the bottom of the dashpanel, which required disassembly of the dash console.

With the addition of the Tuffy overhead CB console, the dash of our JK is now looking like it should - neat and orderly - and we corrected the hokey mounting of our CB on the side of the shifter console, giving the passenger one less thing to bang his or her knee into.

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