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ARB IPF 800XS Sport Driving Lights - Follow the Light

Posted in How To on January 1, 2008
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With a set of IPF 800XS Sport driving beams mounted to the front bumper, we're afforded greater night vision for tackling trails after dark. The IPF 920HSMR replacement headlamps equipped with 110/80-watt bulbs are also beneficial, especially for nightly on-road driving situations.

If you've ever hit the trail and camped for the night, you've likely participated in a night run. It's one of our favorite times to wheel, in fact, because we finally get to put down our cameras and get behind the wheel. For this reason, we'd already replaced the stock headlamps in the Yellow Brute with a set of IPF 920HSMR replacement headlamps equipped with 110/80-watt bulbs. They produce a greater degree of light than stock and are a great aid both on and off the road. However, in the dark of the desert or wooded trail, the road ahead was still far from being as well lit as we desired. To further illuminate the path ahead, we again looked to IPF from ARB and its variety of auxiliary lighting systems.

The IPF 800XS Sport auxiliary light kit is part of the company's Xtreme Sport Series lighting systems. Our kit included two driving beams, but kits are also offered with two spot beams or a combination of the two. Spot beam offers a long, narrow beam, whereas the driving beam will provide a more lateral spread of light. Each light uses a 65-watt H9 halogen bulb that is effectively sealed from water and dust and features waterproof connectors on the lamp-to-wire-loom connection. In fact, the lights can be submerged in up to nearly 12 inches of water for up to 2 minutes.

The IPF 800 lamps feature a heavy-gauge steel body and a hardened glass lens, and the interior of the housing offers a specially designed, heatproof resin reflector surface and a water- and dust-resistant breather. The provided wiring harness uses snap-together connectors at all connection points and includes a mouse-style, LED on/off switch. Both features help create a simple plug-in installation that can be completed by most shade-tree mechanics with moderate wiring experience. Lastly, a reinforced multidirectional mounting base ensures that the lights stay securely mounted even over rough terrain.

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