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Custom Cargo Tie-Downs - Easy Cargo Containment

Posted in How To on January 1, 2008
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Shown here installed on our AEV Brute, the VersaTie aluminum track systems add a great degree of versatility to how we secure cargo in the bed. The tracks and connectors on the bedsides work great for limiting back-and-forth or side-to-side movement, and the tracks on the floor keep items such as a spare tire firmly and securely planted.

The bulkhead of the truck bed in our Ford F-350 has become bashed-in over the years from hauling unsecured loads across bumpy terrain. While this had become common practice in our parts-hauler/tow rig, we really didn't want to repeat the same mistake with the new truck bed on our AEV Brute. The cause of the damaged bulkhead was mainly due to a lack of suitable tie-down anchor points, which would create a loosely lashed load that was easily shifted. Seeking a better solution for containing cargo in our 4x4, we came across the VersaTie track system from Mac's Custom Tie-Downs.

VersaTie aluminum tracks are available in precut and custom lengths to suit many vehicle applications, and they feature low-profile, contoured edges to make for clean surface-mounting installations. Offering a quick and easy one-hand installation into the VersaTie tracks, each connector features a cadmium-plated alloy-steel stud with an aluminum body and a stainless steel ring. Also, the ring can be rotated a full 360 degrees so that loads can be secured from different angles.

In addition to the VersaTie aluminum track system, Mac's Custom Tie-Downs offers a great variety of utility and trailer tie-downs and towing/hauling accessories. To correctly secure our cargo using the VersaTie system, the company also provided a set of its 1-inch by 8-foot ratcheting tie-down straps, along with a set of soft loops, and a duffel storage bag. The straps offer large, vinyl-coated S-hooks at each end and a wide-handle ratchet for easy operation.

After mocking-up placement of the VersaTie tracks - four on the bed floor and one at each bedside - we began the installation. We used a buddy to help tighten the bolts through the bed floor, and were ready to load and secure cargo in the bed in about two hours. Check out the photos and captions for more information about the installation of the VersaTie system and about other products available from Mac's Custom Tie-Downs.

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