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Rear Axle Components

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The '79-'85 rear axle is fairly narrow and has skinny axletubes. Thankfully, it's easy to bolt an '86-'95 rear axle in place. The '86-'95 axles are about 3 inches wider and have beefier axletubes and larger brakes. The third members are interchangeable between the two versions of this axle. TAP Recycling in Rancho Cordova, California, had an '87 rear axle in stock and ready to go. Deaver leaf packs are made in the USA from domestically produced raw material. The shorter springs at the top of the photo will bolt to the stock mounting positions. The rear springs at the bottom are designed for a spring-under configuration and require new spring pads on the axle, spring hangers, spring plates, and shackles. After this photo was taken, I decided that the rear springs were better suited to a prerunner than a trail truck for ground-clearance reasons.