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DMZ Signature Truck Bumper - Build A Better Bumper

Exterior Finished View
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted August 1, 2007

How It's Done In The Duncan Metal Zone

Functionally and aesthetically, your front bumper sets the tone for the rest of your truck. It's also one of the first fabrication projects you should tackle. If you've got aspirations of building full-on competition-worthy rollcages and suspension parts, then you'd do well to back off and hone your skills on a bumper first.

There are a few reasons bumpers make great first projects. Front bumpers play an important role protecting your radiator, grille, oil pan, and front suspension. Rear bumpers guard against impacts from behind and can double as mounting bases for spare tires, jacks, and toolboxes. Bumpers can be built as simply or as intricately as your imagination and skills allow. Bumpers attach to readily accessible mounting points, so they're easier to build compared to engine cages and cab cages where drivetrain and interior parts make access difficult. Should your metallic attempt at a bumper not turn out so well, it's a simple deal to remove it and start anew.

To show how it's done the right way, we paid a visit to DMZ (Duncan Metal Zone). Tim Duncan and Anthony DeWitt used their considerable arsenal of tools and skills to produce what you see in the opening photo. Follow along, dream big, and start your project.


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