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Steering Box Mount

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Properly mounting the steering box is critical. If the pitman arm ends up too low, then the leaf spring might hit the pitman arm on full suspension compression. If the pitman arm ends up too high, then it could hit the bottom of the framerail as it moves side to side while steering. If the steering box is too far rearward, then the drag link and tie rod will hit each other when the suspension is compressed. This photo shows a big rusty spot on the inside of the frame where we ground away the stock torque-rod mounting bracket. The torque rod is in the way of the crossover steering system and has to be eliminated for proper operation. To position the box farther forward than this photo shows, we cut off part of the bumper mount that's hitting the front of the steering box. This would be a problem if we chose to keep the stock front bumper, but that's not the case.