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Reciever Mount

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The next step was to mount the receiver. The receiver is the heart of the XT40's wireless remote-control system. The installation manual says, "The receiver should be mounted in a location that is as clean and dry as possible while also allowing access to the programming button." The inside of the glovebox seemed the best place for the receiver. Here's the planned mounting position. It's very clean and dry and allows access to the programming button, which sits next to the wire connector facing away from the user. Since the remote control comes preprogrammed, we probably won't ever have to mess with the programming button. Should that need arise in the future, we can either temporarily unbolt the receiver, so we can see the button, or leave the receiver in place and use a mirror to see the button and its LED indicator light. The toggle switch went inside the glovebox too. It will be used in place of the key-on wire to turn the winch on and off.