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Garage, Shop & Fab Tools Buyer's Guide - Tech

Craftsman Tool Chest
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted November 1, 2008
Contributors: James J. Weber

The Goods to Make DIY Easier

While wrenching and building our ultimate trail rigs, we have all experienced the benefit of having the right tool for the right job. This month we bring to you some of the latest and greatest items that hopefully will make working on your rig much easier, faster, and convenient. Having the correct handtools, tool-storage boxes, and other items can save valuable time, other components of your rig, and tremendous amounts of energy. Everything from handtools to garage accessories has been included.

Craftsman AXS Tool-Storage System
In typical Craftsman fashion, the new AXS tool-storage system is so advanced that there are over 150 worldwide patents on it. With its structurally enhanced stacked I-Frame construction, the six-drawer chest/seven-drawer roll-away combo sits on four durable 5x2-inch polished chrome casters that allow the unit to be moved easily - even when fully loaded.Each of the full-length drawers slide out effortlessly thanks to the ball-bearing slides. For extra convenience, there are slide-out LED lights for task lighting. A Master Lock One-Key locking mechanism is included along with a multifunctional LED message center that displays the date and time and features various alarm clock functions. For added functionality, a six-outlet, 120-volt power strip and 12-volt power outlet have been incorporated into the system as well. The system is available in a variety of colors and finishes.
For more information, contact: Craftsman, (847) 286-2500,

Proform Billet-Aluminum Adjustable Wrench Set
Proform's billet-aluminum adjustable AN wrench set is the perfect nonmarring tool for underhood plumbing work. Offered in two sizes, -3 to -8 AN and -10 to -20 AN, the wrenches are constructed from solid pieces of billet aluminum and anodized to an impressive finish. Built for decades of durability and use, the easily adjustable units feature punched handles for weight reduction and ease of cleaning.
For more information, contact: Specialty Auto Parts USA(586)

Elevated Shop Creeper
The Elevator is an elevated shop creeper that takes the hassle out of trying to work on the engine of a lifted Jeep, truck, or SUV by placing you over the engine or area that you need to get to. Built from a high-strength powdercoated steel frame to support a mechanic or hobbyist, the Elevator features a stable three-step-high standing platform and equally strong laying platform that is fully adjustable and lockable once positioned. To keep from damaging the front of your vehicle, bumpers are integrated into the front of the unit, and a tool shelf helps to retain tools, nuts, and other parts from entering the engine compartment.
For more information, contact: Nomad Mfg., (403) 862-6937,

Digital Tire Gauge With Built-In Tread-Depth Indicator
Precision Meter's digital tire gauge serves as two tools in one by incorporating a tire-depth gauge and a tire-pressure gauge. Built from steel tubing, the gauge features a dual foot chuck and a backlight display.
For more information, contact: Precision

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