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Off-Road Emergency Disaster Kit - Going Prepared

Kit Contents
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted November 1, 2008

Bug Out Bagz Bill Burke Edition Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Kit

The Bug Out Bagz Bill Burke Edition package is equipped with all of the necessary survival gear suggested by Bill Burke's 4-Wheeling America. If you carry spare parts in your 4x4 to avoid mechanical failure, then you should also carry a Bug Out Bagz kit to avoid human-life failure.

If you've ever sat around a campfire after a day of wheeling, then you've likely heard your share of nightmare wheeling trips where this or that broke, leaving a group stranded in the sticks until spare parts arrived. Though most of these stories have a happy ending and are a lesson learned to follow for future wheeling trips (pack spare parts), what happens if spare parts don't arrive? What if you're so deep in the woods that it would take days to hike out or a week for search-and-rescue workers to locate you? How do you survive? Best rule of thumb? Go prepared for anything.

Although many carry spare parts in their 4x4s to avoid vehicle failure, most do not carry life-saving implements to avoid human-life failure. Let me guess - you started the trail with a Subway sandwich, some bottled water, a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper, and a sweatshirt in case it got breezy, so you should be fine. For most, this is the extent of their trail-survival gear, and it simply won't cut it in the event of a true emergency. That's why we decided to address the topic of trail preparedness and take a closer look at the Bug Out Bagz Bill Burke Edition Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Kit.

The Bug Out Bagz personal first-aid kit is handy for everything from removing splinters to cleaning and closing an open wound, and the included pocket guide about backcountry first aid and extended care is also a great instructional tool. A Swiss Army rescue tool by Victorinox offers a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker for shatterproof glass, along with screwdrivers, wire cutter, and traditional blades. A Pelican MityLite pocket flashlight is also included in the Bug Out Bagz package.

Bug Out Bagz backpacks are filled with crucial gear for backcountry survival. The company offers three levels of deluxe emergency packs to meet the needs of multiple enthusiast activities. Being that we spend our time wheeling trails, our interest was piqued by the Bill Burke Edition pack, which is filled with all of the emergency provisions suggested by Bill Burke's 4-Wheeling America. The pack features items meant to address most situations that could arise during a wheeling trip and covers everything from basic personal first-aid needs to building an emergency shelter to survive a storm. No proverbial stone was left unturned with this Bug Out Bagz emergency kit - it has it all! In the events of emergencies during wheeling excursions, you'll be everybody's favorite guy on the trail if you have a Bug Out Bagz backpack handy. And that's a campfire story we want hear.


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