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H&M Motorsports' Extreme Performace Long-Travel Kit - H&M's Long-Travel F-150 Plan

2003 Ford F150
James J. Weber | Writer
Posted November 26, 2008
Photographers: James J.Weber

A Tried-And-True Suspension System Ready For Takeoff

Being an old model and thanks to rising fuel prices, the previous-generation F-150 has really started to become affordable as of late. The low price of these trucks can allow you to buy into a great platform to build a killer prerunner, but you'll need to figure out whose kit you want to use to race-out your 2WD '97-'03 F-150.

H&M Motorsports' Extreme Performance long-travel kit is the only off-the-shelf suspension system to win a SNORE Class 1450 championship without a problem. Having been built and designed with racing in mind, the kit will prove to be more than you'll ever need for driving around town or to the desert on the weekends.

As if the basic suspension system was not impressive enough, there are a wide variety of optional accessories available for this system.


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