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Sway Bar

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No project is ever really completed. If you remember back to Part 3 in the May 2008 issue you may remember the Sway-A-Way anti-sway bar that we have for this project to finish off the rear suspension. At the time we were waiting on a source for the arms and as when that story went to print we still had none. Well as I write this last installment I sit looking at a beautiful piece of machined mastery, a pair of steel collars from Sway-A-Way that we can build our own link arms off of. Utilizing the collars and two FK heim joints (one for the sway bar end and one for the axle end of the link) a friend of ours is drawing up some arms that we will later have laser cut and TIG welded. Stay tuned to our website, for the latest on this and much more as we continue to upgrade Project 4x4Link!