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Dodge Power Wagon - Tech

Posted in How To on February 1, 2009
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We're past the halfway mark for our long-term Dodge Power Wagon's stay with us. During this time, we've used it for everything from being a daily driver to towing numerous projects around. We've also taken it on the trail.

The truck has been completely trouble-free, except for a small rattle that has developed in the driver's door area. It's such a small rattle the dealer can't hear it, but it comes and goes regularly. It's not a buzz or something from inside the door panel, but seems more like a door/latch interface noise. We'll let you know when we find what it is.

We reported how well the Power Wagon tows. We've since hooked up a trailer and JK Unlimited that weighed the maximum gross trailer weight allowed. While the Power Wagon towed it OK, we got only 7.1 mpg going to Moab and back. The mileage immediately went up to 11-16 mpg once the heavy load was gone. Towing lighter trailers with lighter loads (TJ Wranglers) nets us 9-11 mpg economy. The ATV trailer/Rhino combination doesn't effect the Power Wagon at all.

On-road and trail performance continues to be superb. The front and rear E-lockers and electronically-switched swaybar make off-roading the big Ram a pleasure. It goes anywhere, as long as we can get through the narrow spots. Having the factory-installed 12,000-pound Warn winch up front gives us peace-of-mind when heading into the backcountry alone.

So far, this is the best pickup we've ever driven. We'll keep you updated.

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