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Jeep Wrangler Suspension - The Quadra-Coil Collection

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The 4WD &SU Staff | Writer
Posted February 1, 2009
Photographers: Kevin Blumer

Suspension Goods For The Jeep TJ And JK Wranglers

Jeep TJ and JK Wranglers aren't the only rigs out in the backcountry, but they do represent a big, fat chunk of the rigs you'll find there. We decided to assemble a collection of suspension systems available for these popular rigs.

Why are TJ and JK Wranglers so popular? Brand loyalty is strong among Jeepers, but that's not the whole story. Jeep re-wrote the book on trail rig suspension in 1997 when it introduced the TJ Wrangler and incorporated coil springs, both front and rear, and solid axles in one maneuverable rig. That platform, called Quadra-coil, delivered a smooth ride, made suspension tuning easy to do, and completely eliminated axle wrap in one fell swoop. Jeepers wishing for a longer wheelbase and more interior room were granted the TJ Unlimited in 2005 and the four-door version of the JK in 2007. Die-hard Jeepers will always drive Toledo's finest, but the TJ and JK are formidable enough to lure drivers of other rigs and brands into a TJ or JK driver's seat.

If you already have one of these rigs, the next few pages offer several ways to clear the way for bigger donuts and further improve ride quality and control. If you're considering your next rig purchase, the next few pages just might turn you toward the ways of the Wrangler. Here's the latest Quadra-coil collection.

Product: Rough Country TJ Wrangler 2.5-Inch Lift Kit
Key Features: This kit is easy to install and does not require major modifications be made. Progressive-rate coil springs clear the way for up to 32-inch tires. The coils are wound to provide a ride that's both stable on the pavement and flexy and compliant on the trail. Rough Country's 2.2 Performance shocks feature a 41.4mm piston to create 40 percent more displacement compared to traditional shocks. The gas-charged Performance 2.2 shocks use 17.5mm chrome-hardened rods for strength and incorporate an internal rebound disc to control the suspension characteristics at full droop. At full compression, an external bump stop surrounds the shock shaft and keeps the vehicle under control when the wheels are stuffed.
For more information, contact: Rough Country(800)

Product: Skyjacker Suspension Systems for the JK Wrangler
Key Features: Skyjacker offers several systems for the JK, ranging in lift heights from 2-1/2 inches all the way up to 7 inches. Both long-and-short arm styles are offered, and the Skyjacker JK product lineup includes kits for both the two- and four-door JK Wranglers. With a wide range of JK suspension systems, Skyjacker has your suspension needs covered.
For more information, contact: Skyjacker Suspension(318)

Product: KORE Performance Long Travel JK Suspension
Key Features: KORE's long-travel JK suspension kit is built by a company with decades of Baja racing experience to its credit. KORE's long-travel JK kits are completely bolt-on and require no cutting or welding. The KORE JK kit is available in "Technical Series" trim featuring Fox racing shocks with proprietary internal valving, or in "Recon Series" trim featuring Bilstein 5100 shocks, also with proprietary internal valving. The variable-rate coil springs are more supple than their stock counterparts. Lift height is 4-1/2 inches and provides clearance for 35-inch tires. The big news is not the lift height, it is the articulation, which is nearly twice what's delivered from the factory. Factory drive line and steering geometries are retained.
For more information, contact: KORE Performance(760)

Product: Rugged Ridge ORV TJ And JK Suspension Systems
Key Features: Rugged Ridge uses factory rates on all of its powder-coated coil springs, which are said to not sag over time. High-density polyurethane bushings are used at each end of the powder-coated steel control arms. ORV shocks are nitrogen-charged for consistent performance. Rugged Ridge offers more than 20 suspension systems for the TJ and JK, so there's a kit in the Rugged Ridge lineup that's right for your Wrangler.
For more information, contact: Rugged Ridge, a division of Omix-Ada(770)

Product: BDS Suspension JK Long-Arm Suspension Systems
Key Features: The four-link BDS long-arm kits are available in 5-1/2- and 6-1/2-inch lift heights and offer improved caster angles for more stable handling at speed. The link arms feature re-buildable and greasable ends for long-term performance and reliability. The front and rear track bars are re-located for proper roll center height. BDS Pro-Ride coil springs are built for repeated cycling over time without sagging. The systems also include forged dropped pitman arms, bump stop extensions, Kevlar-lined extended brake lines, and BDS Ultimate sway bar disconnects. As always, BDS products are covered by the BDS "No Fine Print" warranty.
For more information, contact:BDS Suspension(517)

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