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1992 Ford Ranger Supercab 4x4 Project - Project Trailrunner's Near-Death By Distraction (Part Umpteen)

Posted in How To on February 1, 2009
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Are you a Star Wars freak? I'm not, but there's a scene from Episode IV - A New Hope that casts a perfect light on the state of Project TrailRunner. In the scene, the Rebel Alliance's fighters are attempting to bomb the evil Empire's Death Star. Approaching the target, one of the Rebel pilots starts freaking out. The exact dialogue escapes me, but it's something to this effect: "I can't hold steady, there's stuff all around me!" squawks the freaked-out pilot. "Stay on target," the flight leader replies. Our hapless hero doesn't stay on target. Instead, he gets distracted by everything else and ends up as a ball of fire bouncing off of the Death Star's walls.

Do As I Say, Not As I've Done
"Stay on target" is perfect advice for completing any project and that advice goes double for a major project. If Project TrailRunner is unfamiliar, that's because the last installment appeared in July '07. To re-introduce, Project TrailRunner is a '92 Ford Ranger SuperCab 4x4. The goal is to build a long-travel 4x4 prerunner and race it a least once. After that race, TrailRunner will be a street-legal prerunner for exploration, race chasing, and fun.

Many times, the fun of TrailRunner has been lost. It's been lost to time-consuming distractions. Years after commencing the project, it sits in the same place it was driven into under its own power in 2004. Sad.

It seems only fitting to showcase some of those distractions, as well as what's been done to directly further TrailRunner toward completion. Some of these distractions have been necessary and worthwhile. Others have been a waste.

If you're planning a major project, don't get distracted! Stay on target. Finally, sorry to have to say this, may the Force be with you.

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Distraction One: The Phoenix Project
Verdict A Waste

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Distraction Two:'73 Ford F-100 steering conversion
Verdict Time Well Spent

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Distraction Three: Super Duty
Verdict A Waste

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Distraction Four: Sport Trac
Verdict A Waste

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