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Gibson SFT Superflow Big Bore Power System - Bolt-On Pep

Posted in How To on February 1, 2009
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To make the installation simple on this Polaris RZR, we removed the plastic bed before starting. The stock exhaust comes off in about 10 minutes (if that). There are only two pipes and four header flange bolts and a couple hangers to get the old stuff off.

With the band-style transmission on a Polaris RZR, top speed is really dictated by the clutch and the size of tires you have. No matter how much horsepower or torque you have, you cannot really increase top speed. But that doesn't mean that extra power from an exhaust or air intake doesn't help these little off-roaders. In fact, when a UTV is bogging down in the sand or silt or mud, the extra horsepower and torque is integral to keep your high-speed momentum. Now, most UTVs (we know there are a couple crazy guys with crotch rocket engines out there) are putting out under 50 rear-wheel hp, even with modifications. Therefore, when Gibson claims to put 5 extra horsies to the rear wheels and 6 lb-ft of torque with their SFT Superflow RZR system, it's enough to make us pay attention and try bolting one on as that's a good percentage gain in power from a bolt-on exhaust. Do we know that it made the claimed improvement in power? Nope. But we do know that the header-to-muffler complete system gave our RZR some more get-up-and-go power and a more impressive exhaust note.

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