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Pure Perfection Toyota Tundra Lift Kit

Posted in How To on February 1, 2009
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Toyota has been a major name in off-road performance and durability for years. More recently, with the introduction of the Tundra in 2000, its has proven itself capable of being a contender in the full-size truck market as well. With a redesigned and more impressive second-generation Tundra now available, it was only natural that some company would eventually produce a bolt-on Tundra suspension kit made for serious, high-speed performance and abuse.

Now, before you start telling us about how your brand-X spacer-kit does everything you need and how abusive you are to it, we should clarify some things: Serious, high speed abuse is not hitting curbs at 30 mph on the way to the dirt lot behind the grocery store. If you think it is, you need to put down your macchiato because you mistook this magazine for Street Trucks. We're talking about full throttle runs through whoops so deep you could hide a midget in them. With unlimited money, anything is possible. But making a production kit that is obtainable, durable, and is a serious performer is why Pure Performance's new 4.0 Triple Threat System really excels.

Pure's newest addition to its lineup is built for the 2007-and-newer 4x4 Tundra. The kit comes filled with all the goodies necessary to build a reliable runner. Up front are new upper and lower A-arms. The lowers are fully boxed, cross ribbed, and seam-welded from 1/4-inch laser cut mild steel. The arms are three inches wider than stock, providing an excellent stance up front. Pure uses new ball joints on the lowers, while 1-inch uniballs with cups made from 1/4-inch solid chromoly are used up top for maximum strength. Extended 4130 CV shafts are provided to replace the short factory shafts, and steering tie rods will be addressed with complete new ends, even though the pre-production version we tested simply had tie rod extensions. Pure Performance has also just introduced their own brand of aluminum-bodied 2 5/8-inch-diameter shocks to smooth to smooth it all out. The coilovers are bolted up into the factory location on top and to the new lower A-arm down below. Limiting straps are used to keep all the negative travel from tearing them apart, and two poly foam bump stops per side keep those hard compressions under control up front. All these components function together to produce roughly 4 to 5 inches of added ride height up front while providing 13 inches of wheel travel.

To compliment the front, Pure used a Deaver mini leaf pack to raise the truck about three inches. The rear vibrations are controlled by a 12-inch long set of their new shocks, bolted in custom mounts. Individual poly foam bumps mounted at the rear corners are enough to soak up those hard hits.

Pure also offers some variations of their kit. A "basic" kit will be offered with the same great parts minus the front coilovers and rear shocks. Soon enough a "pro" kit will also be available, with Light Racing jounce shocks (bump stops) and remote reservoir shocks. These production kits will be available by the end of 2008.

What'd We Think?
The 4.0 Triple Threat System's travel was nice and smooth. The front shocks needed a little valving work to be dialed in a little better, but we were invited to the first trial run to see how it worked. The back stayed firmly planted on ground, and with just 4 inches of lift the 37-inch tires did not rub the rear steel or the front fiberglass either. By the time you read this, Pure Performance will have made its changing to the valving and steering, but this is largely what you will be able to buy when you read this. Keep in mind that 37-inch tires only fit if front fiberglass fenders are used. Otherwise, you will need to stick to 35-inch tires with the steel fenders.

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