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The Absolute Ultimate Polaris RZR Air Intake

Posted in How To on February 1, 2009
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Some guys are willing to spend whatever money they can on the absolute best parts they can buy. We know those type of guys: They are the ones with the cooler toys than yours or mine. And the stuff on their toys are always the best of the best parts. Recently we saw an "endless dollar" Polaris RZR out in the desert, and it had this bright red round housing with billet caps on either end, and it was just about the nicest air intake we'd ever seen.

We had to have one. The rest of our RZR would be beaten and scratched, but at least we would have the sweetest air intake on our block.

And besides: air-intake upgrades are necessary on first-generation Polaris RZRs like ours. The intake boots are known to have a problem coming off of the throttle bodies of the RZR engines due to the twist of the factory air-filter housings. When we went to replace our air filter with this new BTI air intake, our intake boot was completely off our throttle body as well. Luckily, we think we caught it in time because our engine still seems to be running all right.

For more reasons than one, we were stoked to be sticking on BTI's Cyclone Ultra Filter.

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