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Jeep Wrangler - Pinching Pennies, Stretching Dollars

4WD&SU Staff | Writer
Posted March 1, 2009
Photographers: Courtesy Of The Mfg's.

How To Get More Dirt For Less Cash

As this is being written, the price of gasoline has tumbled and the Presidential election already sealed. We hope that the economy will continue to stabilize and especially hope that gasoline remains at or below its press-time price (about $2.35 per gallon). Even with a glimmer of brightness on the immediate horizon, it's obvious that the time is now to select products whose prices are easier on the wallet.

Some of the products listed were selected because they prevent possible damage down the line, and said damage would be a hard financial hit. Others were chosen because they're less costly, period. Still, others made the grade because they're long-lasting and should return many, many miles before needing replacement.

There's another way to save cash out on the trail: adapt your driving style. We don't mean abandoning tough trails in favor of smoothly graded dirt roads. We mean that if you can't make a certain line without parts breakage, try another line. We mean if you come across an unfamiliar water crossing you should be extra-smart about how deep you're willing to take your rig swimming before backing up and trying a different crossing. If you're a masher, try adding some finesse to your driving style. Your parts will last longer, and your wallet will retain some of its girth.

Buy smart, and drive smart. You'll get more dirt for less cash.

What it is:
Currie Enterprises Rock Jock Currectlync heavy duty steering system for Jeep TJ, TJ Unlimited/LJ, XJ, and MJ vehicles. The Currectlync features a 1 1/4-inch diameter forged alloy drag link, a 1 1/4-inch solid alloy steel tie rod and 7/8-inch threaded tie rod ends, and the Currie heavy duty steering stabilizer bracket. The Currectlync is a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock parts and is a whopping 200% percent stronger than stock.
Where to find it:
RockJock 4x4/Currie Enterprises
(714) 367-2685

What it is:
Viair's Extreme Onboard Air makes installing an onboard air system a simple process by including everything for an onboard air system in one box. Dual air compressors keep the tank full and up to pressure with rapid refill rates. The system flows well enough to not only inflate tires and power air lockers, it can also run air tools on the trail. This is a system that can save money by making on-trail repairs faster and easier, which translates into less down time and fewer hassles. Since the system is complete as delivered, the Viair Extreme Onboard Air saves installation time; there's no need to chase down parts to complete the installation. Viair Corp offers a full range of air system products for all your on-vehicle air needs.
Where to find it:
(949) 582-6868

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