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Installing a Rubicon Express Super Flex Lift Kit - Adding A Few Inches To An Old Favorite

Grand Cherokee
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted April 1, 2009

Way-Cool 5.9 Grocery Getter

Grand Cherokees are getting cheaper and cheaper. Right now, you can find them readily available with V-8s for less than $1,000. And they make great off-roaders. After all, it's really just a Cherokee front suspension (which the TJ Wrangler borrowed, as well), an upgraded five-link rear suspension, and an improved unibody over the venerable XJ Cherokee. They can serve great double duty as a daily driver and off-roader, and parts for them are relatively cheap and plentiful.

For the final year of ZJ production in 1998, Jeep offered a special option 5.9L V-8 in place of the 5.2L V-8. We found one of these pearls and decided to give it a little more off-road attitude with a 3.5-inch Rubicon Express Super-Flex kit. It's an all-inclusive kit with coils, shocks, control arms, anti-sway bar links, and brake lines that we knew would give us the off-road performance we were after.

The Brothers Estrada at Jeeps R Us in Laguna Beach, California, had a kit onto our 5.9 test mule in less than half a day with no installation issues.


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