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Currie Fabricated 9 Inch Axle Housing

Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted May 1, 2009

Sneak Peak!

By the time you read this, Currie will have ramped up production of its new fabricated 9-inch housings. But we just couldn't wait that long and broke down the doors of Currie's design room so we could get a few shots and show you what's being built before they're even ready.

From what we've gathered, we know for sure that this will be a housing shorter than the 12-inch tall Track 9 housings Currie's been using in off-road applications. It is made from four pieces of plate with only two vertical welds, and it will be available in two sizes - an 18-inch wide center section and a 30-inch-wide center section (18-inch-wide version is pictured). They will be available in both front-axle and rear-axle applications.


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