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Yamaha Rhinio Tire Gate - Solving The Spare Tire Dilemma

Back Side
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted May 1, 2009

Tire Gate For Rhinos

Under most circumstances, the bed of a Rhino is great for carrying things like coolers, tools, and camping equipment. But when you add a back seat to the equation, storage space for such necessities becomes scarce. Suddenly you are forced to prioritize your gear and pack only the items of utmost importance. For those of us who enjoy riding in the back country away from access roads, one of the most critical items is a spare tire. Without one, you'd likely destroy a wheel and tire attempting to return to civilization if one was flattened. That's why Wilco Products, a company known for it truck and SUV spare tire racks, developed a simple spare tire mounting system to fit all Yamaha Rhino side x sides.


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