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A Guide to Winches - The Power To Pull - Tech

Daystar Rope Roller
Christian Lee | Writer
Posted June 1, 2009

A Guide To Winches & Accessories

A winch is an important tool to have on your 4x4. Whether parts fail or the trail gets extra hairy you can always rely on a winch to pull you through. Various winch models are available these days to suit many vehicle applications in regards to vehicle weight, type of terrain traveled, and style of bumper. Most winches offer a standard mounting bolt configuration but motor types and sizes vary as do line speeds and load capacities, so not all winches are created equal. With that in mind make sure you choose an appropriately sized winch for your vehicle. Most fully loaded short-wheel-base 4x4s will want at least an 8,000-pound winch at minimum and a 10,000-pound unit would do you even better. Assembled here are some of the latest and greatest winches and winching accessories currently available. Take a peek at what's out there. One of these fine tools may save your tail one day.

Mile Marker
Mile Marker recently launched its best performing and most innovative winches to date. The company now offers its V-10 and V-12 electric winches which features MiFi Technology. The winches use solid-state controls that do not require solenoids and are available in 10,000-pound and 12,000-pound models. The Mile Marker winches feature variable line-speed control, waterproof sealing, a durable, dual-compound black polyurethane coating, and stainless steel hardware. Super fast line speeds make these winches great recovery tools.
For more information, contact:
Mile Marker, (800) 866-8647,

Bulldog Winch
Available in 8,000- to 12,000-pound models, Bulldog self-recovery winches offer premium series-wound motors for maximum torque and dependability. The Bulldog winches offer power in and power out and use a free-spooling clutch. The winches also feature an automatic load holding mechanical brake, an all steel three-stage planetary gear train, a standard 10x4.5-inch mounting bolt pattern, and a two-year limited warranty. A remote hand control with a 12-foot wire lead is also included.
For more information, contact:
Bulldog Winch, (623) 581-0121,

Black Mountain
Black Mountain Suspension, a division of Collins Bros. Jeep, offers two winch models to suit a wide range of 4x4s. The winches are available in 8,000- and 10,000-pound models and feature a permanent magnet DC 12V Motor with 1.8hp output and a 210:1 gear reduction ratio. The Black Mountain 8,000-pound winch weighs 68.3 pounds, uses 95 feet of 5/16-inch cable, and also includes a cable, hook, and a controller.
For more information, contact:
Collins Bros. Jeep, (800) 699-5337,

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