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Adding Power To 1993 Ford Bronco With Jet Performance - Computers Weren't Invented In '96!

Jets Ford Performance Module
Dexter Roberts Jr. | Writer
Posted July 1, 2009
Photographers: Off-Road Staff

We Plug In Some Power To Our Pre-OBD-II Bronco With Help From Jet Performance

Jet's Ford Performance Module was designed to be plugged directly into our Bronco's ECU computer. We always like it when there's only one hard part in a box-it means we're less likely to lose it!

Let's face it-not everyone has the time, know-how, or funding to tear into an engine and build it into a raging monster. Keeping a vehicle smog-legal is a consideration too. Here in California, emission standards are so tight that in many cases it's not worth upgrading internal engine parts: get too gnarly and you may end up with a vehicle that never again gets approved by the state to drive on public roads. That's why we often look for other ways to squeeze some "go" out of our trucks, and thankfully, technology exists that makes this possible. Jet Performance provided us with a couple of goodies that would give us some extra pop in our '93 Bronco: a plug-in computer module and a Power Shift transmission module, both designed to enhance vehicle performance, both 50-state legal.

We started with Jet's Ford Performance Module. This plug-in attached directly to the Bronco's ECU computer, and adjusts the ignition spark advance, air/fuel ratio, and timing across the vehicle's powerband. Jet tells us that in addition to a horsepower increase, the module should provide us with a quicker throttle response and even a slight gain in gas mileage. Plugging the thing into the Bronco's computer was simple, but getting to the computer took some doing-check the accompanying photos to see how we finally accessed the ECU.

Next, we installed Jet's Power Shift module, which plugged directly into our automatic transmission. The Power Shift's control panel allows us to choose four shift settings from the driver's seat; each being progressively firmer and with a faster shift. This module was both easy to install and simple to operate.

Sure enough, our Bronco benefited from these mods. It's never felt more powerful, and gear shifts are noticeably quicker. We may not have a fancy interface between the vehicle and a computer like more recent programmers allow, but we did end up with performance-enhancing additions that won't negatively affect our emissions. Owners of OBD-I -equipped vehicles, rejoice!


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