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MSD Ignition Control Module Install - More Lightning For Your Thunder Down Under

Posted in How To on July 1, 2009
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Igniting the fuel supplied to your cylinders creates power. It sounds simple enough, but is not always the case. Although most stock ignition systems do their basic job sending spark to ignite the fuel in your stock or built motor, they can have many short comings-problems that leave you chasing your tail when trying to fine tune your motor. One of the most common problems we face with most stock induction-type ignition systems is the loss of spark at higher RPMs. In an inductive ignition, the coil stores and increases the voltage to its maximum strength each time it fires. At higher rpm, the coil cannot reach its maximum capacity before firing, causing loss of power or top end misfire. We've had our own fair share of ignition problems with our personal trucks, so we decided to step it up. We needed an ignition that we could adjust to our specific needs.

This is where MSD stepped in and helped out. We've all heard of MSD. Their ignition boxes have powered tons of top race vehicles as well as street and off-road vehicles for years on end. Already having many MSD boxes to suit various applications, they've now added a new weapon to their arsenal. The MSD Digital 6 Plus. This digital ignition control box is loaded with goodies that put you in control of your ignition. Unlike the stock-type inductive ignition systems mentioned above, MSD ignitions incorporate capacitive discharge technology. The supply voltage is stepped up to 520-535 volts by a custom transformer and is then stored in MSD's efficient capacitors. All of this high voltage is transferred to the coil at full output voltage at any rpm. The MSD ignition also produces a series of full power sparks through mid range rpm. This series of sparks ensures complete combustion of the fuel mixture resulting in greater power and performance. MSD's digital operation uses a high speed RISC microcontroller to control the ignitions output while constantly analyzing the various inputs such as supply voltage, trigger signals and rpm. The high speed controller can make extremely quick compensations to the output voltage, multiple spark series, timing and rpm limits while maintaining accurate timing signals to within 1 degree and 1 percent of the rpm limits

Some other nice features the MSDDigital 6 plus offers:

1. A built in Soft Touch Rev Control with two different rpm limits. The Soft Touch circuitry provides a smooth and accurate rev limit by dropping the spark to individual cylinders. It produces a load-free rev limit that is within 1 percent of the selected rpm. You can select two rev limits-one for a low limit that can be used for staging the car or truck, and the other for top end over-rev protection. Both rpm limits are externally adjustable in 100 rpm increments.

2. A single stage retard step that can be activated when 12 volts are applied. This is great for those of you who are running nitrous. The retard will remain until the 12 volts are removed. This retard step can be connected to a nitrous solenoid activation wire or micro switch on the shifter. The retard is adjustable from 0 to 9.9 degrees in 1/10 degree increments.

3. A start retard circuit to ease starting. When set, the timing will be retarded 20 degrees until the engine reaches over 800 rpm.

4. The MSD is programmed at the factory for use on eight-cylinder engines. If you are installing it to any other engine type, it can be easily reprogrammed with the cylinder select switch on the side of the ignition.

5. The MSD 6 series ignition will run on any negative ground, 12-volt electrical system with a distributor. It can be used with 16-volt batteries and can withstand a momentary 24 volts in case of jump starts. The ignition will deliver full voltage with a supply of 9-18 volts and will operate with a supply voltage as low as 6 volts. It can be used with most stock coils or aftermarket coils. We are using the Blaster SS coil PN 8207.

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