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2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Buildup - Project Jeeponomics

Left Front Angle
Ned Bacon | Writer
Posted September 1, 2009

A Stimulus Package For A Jeep JK

Jeep|o|nom|ics (jep-o-nm'iks)
the act of spending a good portion of one's capital on aftermarket products, and/or modifications for one's Jeep, thereby enhancing both the Jeep's job performance and the economic health of companies offering the products and/or modifications in question. Also accounts for the acronym J.E.E.P. Just Empty Every Pocket.

Stim|u-lus Pack-age (stim'yoo-ls pak'ij)
a gathering of quality products and/or modifications together for the purpose of stimulating the performance of the vehicle in question. A by-product of this packaging is stimulation of the bottom line of the companies offering involved products. It is hoped that no pork is installed during this packaging.

4 WHEEL DRIVE & SPORT UTILITY MAGAZINE has yet another Jeep JK project to help you decide how to build up your own JK. Jeeponomics is the author's latest buildup involving a bright yellow, 2007 two-door. Despite its bright, happy color, this poor little Jeep was shown no love during its first year of life. Cast off by its first owner after only six months of ownership, it was then tossed about between brokers, auction houses, dealerships and wholesale hustlers. After traveling only 8,000 miles, it landed in my hands for the paltry sum of less than half of what it sold for new a year earlier! This violated Jeep had never even had its T-case lever shifted! Why do I tell you all this? Because under the current economic conditions, there are some screaming deals to be had on slightly used JKs. Half-price deals allow you to own one of the best factory Jeeps yet and have coin left to build it into your dream machine.

A Suspension for all reasons from American Expedition Vehicles
The first modification I performed on Jeeponomics was to install a 3.5-inch Nth Degree suspension system from American Expedition Vehicles (AEV). AEV has become well known in the Jeep world as a premier player offering high end Jeep aftermarket products with design ties closely linked to Chrysler Corporation. When installed, AEV's products appear to have been designed and installed at the factory.

I picked up Jeeponomics in Portland and drove it 600 miles to its new home near Reno. This was the first time I'd driven a stock JK without suspension mods. I was impressed with its ride and handling at highway speeds on Interstate 5. For a short wheelbase Jeep, the little yellow JK handled a long highway road trip like no TJ, YJ, or CJ I've ever driven. I vowed (knowing that I wanted to lift this Jeep for larger tires and improved off-highway performance) that I wouldn't screw up its good highway manners by over doing its suspension. This vow led me to AEV's new Nth Degree JK suspensions.


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AEV/Nth Degree Suspension
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