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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Truck Tuner - Multi-Use Tuner And Big Brother

Posted in How To on September 1, 2009
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Like many owners of DPF (diesel particulate filter) equipped vehicles, we were less than impressed with the mileage of this 2007 6.7L Cummins. This lack of impressive fuel economy is not unique to Dodge however. Many owners of GM and Ford diesel products are sharing the same disgust with their mileage figures as well. Granted, most diesel owners buy their trucks for towing and utility more than fuel economy, but achieving somewhere north of single digits when towing a light load and low teens while empty doesn't seem like an unusual request. As technology progresses, it seems logical to assume that engine designs would become more fuel-efficient. But with ever increasing mandates on emission standards, their hands are tied.

Being the power lovers we are, we're always looking for ways to increase power using the same amount of fuel. Not only does this equate to a faster truck, but also better fuel economy due to a more efficient engine. After a little research, we honed in on Bully Dog Technologies' latest product, the GT (Gauge Tuner).

The new Triple Dog GT diesel tuner is actually four different products all rolled into one compact design. It is a downloader that adds power, a tuner allowing for multiple settings to be adjusted, and a fully customizable gauge. Lastly it's a driving coach helping drivers to drive more efficiently to harness wasted energy and change their driving habits to maximize fuel economy.

Our Interactions With The GT
Following the instructions, we began the process but received an error code on the GT's screen indicating a missing part number. A quick review of the installation did not reveal any errors, so after a couple of additional attempts to remedy the situation we reluctantly picked up the phone, as all too often tech help lines can be a nightmare. Not so with Bully Dog. After a brief hold we were connected to a friendly, knowledgeable tech guy that got things straightened out right away. As it turns out, the GT was shipped with the latest Dodge ECU download installed and the problem was that our test truck had not been back to the dealer in well over a year and therefore it had not been re-flashed with the latest factory ECU download. The tuner was unable to talk to our test truck. With the help of the Bully Dog rep, we entered a few mandatory codes and selected the proper menu item. At the same time, we changed the truck's programmed tire size to 37 inches to correct the speedometer reading. The rep held on the line with us until everything was complete. After downloading was complete, we started the truck and were able to detect a slight change in the idle characteristics and timing adjustments. It was time to do some testing. We set the tuner to the performance level and headed out.

As we pulled onto the highway there was an immediate difference noticed. The truck responded like never before. After resetting the onboard computer, our truck displayed 12.3 mpg - a definite improvement.

After some additional time driving was spent burning through some more tanks of fuel, our test truck has proven a 2-mpg increase in fuel economy.

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