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Steering And Brake Parts Guide - Stop And Steer

Posted in How To on October 1, 2009 Comment (0)
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Steering And Brake Parts Guide - Stop And Steer

There is no end to the different ways of improving your 4x4's steering and braking systems. From high-performance brake pads to custom-built steering gears and pumps, you can upgrade or improve upon every factory-deficient issue to achieve greater results.

Check out the following products designed to benefit your vehicles steering and brake systems. They are sure to steer and stop your vehicle on to a better path.

0910 4wd 01 z+steering and brake parts guide+advance adapters

Advance Adapters
Advance Adapters offers a variety of steering components for many vehicle applications. The manual and power Saginaw steering conversion kits are designed for '47-'71 CJ-series Jeeps and '63-'79 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruisers. The manual and power Saginaw conversion kits require use of a new or used Saginaw steering box and a steering pump and hoses for power applications. The kits include steering box mounting plates, pitman arm, steering shaft, U-joint, spud shaft, and installation hardware.

Advance Adapters
(800) 655-0787

0910 4wd 02 z+steering and brake parts guide+bds suspension

Well known for its suspension products, BDS Suspension offers a full line of both single and dual steering stabilizers for most applications. The BDS Suspension stabilizer system is said to reduce steering shimmy and improve tire wear. BDS Suspension products are covered by the exclusive No Fine Print Warranty.

BDS Suspension
(517) 279-2135

0910 4wd 03 z+steering and brake parts guide+borgeson

Borgeson now offers a modern integral power steering conversion for 1966-1977 Ford Broncos. This conversion box is a remanufactured GM Delphi 600 integral power steering box from 2000 model year-and-newer production vehicles. The Delphi 600 is the latest generation of power steering gearbox technology with a true modern power steering feel and a 14:1 variable ratio. The box bolts directly to the factory mounting position and uses the stock pitman arm. Hose kits are available for connections to either Ford or GM pumps. Complete kits with all required components are available.

(860) 482-8283

0910 4wd 05 z+steering and brake parts guide+daves customs unlimited

Dave's Customs Unlimited
The heavy-duty brake conversion kit from Dave's Customs Unlimited is designed for 1976 to 1986 Jeep CJs and 1987 to 1995 Jeep Wranglers. The heavy-duty brake conversion is a dual-diaphragm brake booster and high-pressure master cylinder designed to replace the single-diaphragm setup in Jeep vehicles. With this direct bolt-on setup increased stopping power with less pedal pressure is achieved. The kit includes a mounting bracket, the dual-diaphragm brake booster, a high-pressure master cylinder, and an adjustable push rod assembly.

Dave's Customs Unlimited
(970) 216-8179

0910 4wd 06 z+steering and brake parts guide+ebc brakes

EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are said to be the most gripping pad in the EBC brake pad line up. The Yellowstuff brake pads are high-friction pads that are very resistant to the heat generated through normal and heavy braking. Yellowstuff pads also feature EBC's unique Brake-in surface coating, which is a heat-applied, polymer coating with a mild abrasive particle that aids new pad bed in and scrubs off the glaze and tar spots on your rotors when the pads are first installed. The coating is designed to wear away after 50 to 100 miles to reveal the actual pad compound. In order to maintain a balanced braking system EBC advises that Yellowstuff pads be installed both front and rear.


0910 4wd 07 z+steering and brake parts guide+jks

JKS HD extended brake lines are direct replacements for the factory rubber brake hoses, and are designed to exceed the demands of extreme Jeep applications. The heavy-duty, 22-inch hoses virtually eliminate volumetric expansion to provide immediate brake pedal response and improved performance regardless of fluid pressure or temperature. The flexible Teflon inner core is chemically inert and unaffected by aging and atmospheric conditions. The inner core is protected by an exceptionally strong multi-layer Kevlar, elastomer, and stainless steel braid. A translucent UV-protected vinyl jacket adds an additional layer of defense and corrosion resistance, and one-piece adapters are permanently crimped onto each end. All HD extended brake lines are pressure tested to 4,500 psi, and far surpass all DOT and MVSS-106 requirements.

(308) 762-6949

0910 4wd 08 z+steering and brake parts guide+justice brothers

Justice Brothers
Justice Brothers' High Performance Brake Fluid exceeds DOT 3 and DOT 4 specifications and is recommended for high-performance trucks and 4x4s. It has an impressive dry boiling point of 446 degrees F and a minimum wet boiling point of 311 degrees F. Also, unlike DOT 5 fluid, Justice Brothers High Performance Brake Fluid is fully compatible with traditional brake fluids and will not gel when mixed. Designed for drum and disc brake systems with or without anti-lock brakes, regular brake fluid changes using Justice Brothers High Performance Brake Fluid will give you maximum protection against brake fade, outstanding corrosion resistance and optimum braking performance.

Justice Brothers
(626) 359-9174

0910 4wd 09 z+steering and brake parts guide+m o r e

M.O.R.E now offers a kit that addresses the common issues of bump steer and quickly-wearing tie rod drag link rod ends in spring-over-axle-equipped Jeep Wrangler YJs. The kit is designed for full suspension travel with out bind and it works with stock offset wheels or after market. The simple bolt-on design requires no welding for installation and the kit will function with stock leaf springs installed over the axle or up to 2.5-inch lift springs installed over the axle. The kit includes a new tie rod and drag link made from 1-inch by 0.219-inch-wall DOM steel tubing, Heim joint rod ends, a track bar bracket, a steering knuckle bracket, a dropped pitman arm, and Grade 8 mounting hardware. An adjustable track is necessary for installation.

(970) 625-0500

0910 4wd 10 z+steering and brake parts guide+poly performance

Poly Performance
The Poly Performance steering damper uses a 46mm piston for more consistent damping and is valved specifically for Jeep Wrangler JK steering applications. The damper is a low-pressure, nitrogen-charged, mono-tube steering stabilizer that features an internal floating piston (IFP) that dissipates heat more effectively for increased seal life and durability. Other features include a linear piston on both the compression and rebound sides; a polyurethane extension bottom-out bumper; a Viton seal and low friction piston rod bearing; a nitro-steel stabilizer shaft; a black powdercoated finish; and an external schrader valve assembly for easy pressure adjustments.

Poly Performance
(805) 783-2060

0910 4wd 12 z+steering and brake parts guide+rock equipment

Rock Equipment
The Rock Equipment tie rod flip kit is designed for Jeep CJ vehicles. The kit includes tapered sleeves that allow you to flip the tie rod to mount to the upper side of your stock steering knuckle. With the tie rod positioned over the knuckle a vehicle can gain as much as 3 inches of forward ground clearance, helping to extend the life of steering components that typically become damaged on the trail. The kit includes three tapered sleeves and a 1/2-inch to 1-inch reamer tool. The Rock Equipment tie rod flip kit is also available with tie rod ends, or sold as a complete kit, which includes tie rod ends, tapered sleeves, a 1/2-inch to 1-inch reamer tool, and heavy-duty 1 1/8-inch-steel tie rods.

OK Auto, 4wd & Tire
(908) 454-6973

0910 4wd 13 z+steering and brake parts guide+rocky road outfitters

Rocky Road Outfitters
Rocky Road Outfitters' Over-The-Top (OTT) steering system is designed to replace the factory Jeep components and places everything on top of the knuckles. The system also raises and replaces the track bar on coil spring Jeeps to maintain 100 percent perfect front end steering geometry. Angles are said to be so dramatically reduced that the system eliminates bumpsteer. Over-The-Top steering kits are 100 percent bolt-on and don't require special tools for installation. The steering kits are also 50-state legal. Rocky Road OTT kits are available for Jeep CJ, XJ, MJ, ZJ, YJ, and TJ vehicles.

Rocky Road Outfitters
(888) 801-7271

0910 4wd 17 z+steering and brake parts guide+vanco

Vanco Power Brake Supply offers its Raptor Oversized Disc Brake kit, designed to greatly improve upon the stock Jeep braking system. The Raptor system provides more controlled braking power (no pull to one side), shorter braking distances, and stronger components for high abuse and "high angle" environments. The new Raptor system includes: oversized powder-coated brake rotors; Raptor dual-piston calipers (stock is single-piston); carbon-metallic brake pads; and one set of reinforced steering knuckles. The Raptor system is also engineered for the high braking pressures of an added Vanco Raptor Hydroboost System and is available for 1990-2006 Jeep Wrangler, 1990-2000 Cherokee, 1995-1999 Grand Cherokee, and all Comanche models.

(800) 256-6295

0910 4wd 16 z+steering and brake parts guide+teraflex

The TeraFlex Jeep disc brake conversion kit is intended for use as a bolt-on upgrade to replace factory Jeep drum brakes. A kit is also available for axles using the new "big Ford" housing ends, such as the TeraFlex CRD60R high-performance axle. Teraflex disc brake conversion kits are available for 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJs and can also be adapted to Cherokees and Comanches.

(801) 288-2585

0910 4wd 14 z+steering and brake parts guide+rough country

Rough Country
Rough Country offers its premium, dual RCX steering stabilizer kits for Jeep Wrangler JK vehicles. The steering stabilizer kit includes two 2.2-series stabilizers, mounting brackets, and installation hardware.

Rough Country
(800) 220-6901

0910 4wd 15 z+steering and brake parts guide+spidertrax

The Spidertrax disc brake kit is a bolt-on solution for running rear disc brakes on Suzuki Samurais. This kit gives the Samurai superior braking power, critical when running oversized tires. In addition, the serviceability of the rear axle is greatly improved through the unique design of the bolt-on caliper mounts. This kit comes complete with all parts and hardware needed for installation.

(800) 286-0898

0910 4wd 04 z+steering and brake parts guide+classic tube

Classic Tube
Classic Tube offers its new StopFlex braided brake hoses for 1990-1996 Wranglers. The StopFlex hoses feature a five layer design that uses 304 stainless-braided wire, Teflon hose, and Kevlar braid, and are corrosion resistant, prevent volumetric expansion, and are D.O.T approved for street and off-road applications.

Classic Tube
(800) 882-3711

0910 4wd 18 z+steering and brake parts guide+psc motorsports

PSC Motorsports
In addition to performance steering gears and pumps for Jeep, Chevy, Dodge, and Ford applications, PSC Motorsports also offers many cylinder-assist kits and full hydraulic steering systems. The Jeep Wrangler TJ kit is shown with PSC's new CB pump. Typical cylinder-assist kits include a high-performance steering gear and pump, a remote fluid reservoir, a new pulley, a hose kit, and a cylinder kit, which includes rod ends and jam nuts and universal weld-on mounting brackets and hardware.

PSC Motorsports
(817) 270-0102

0910 4wd 11 z+steering and brake parts guide+rubicon express

Rubicon Express
Rubicon Express offers its chromoly draglink for Jeep Wrangler JK vehicles. The chromoly draglink is designed to improve the steering handling and geometry angles on JKs equipped with a track bar drop bracket and suspension lift. The Rubicon Express chromoly JK draglink is also designed to mount above the steering knuckles instead of under the knuckles like stock, so increased approach angle and forward ground clearance are also achieved.

Rubicon Express
(877) 493-8697

0910 4wd 19 z+steering and brake parts guide+btb products

BTB Products
The BTB Products' booster/master disc brake conversion kit is a factory replacement for 1974-1986 Jeep CJ7 vehicles. The kit includes a 1 1/8-inch master cylinder, an 8.5-inch dual-diaphragm booster, a proportioning valve, a mounting bracket, and hard tubing from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve.

BTB Products
(702) 568.1511

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