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Airaid U Built It Custom Air Intake Kit

Posted in How To on October 1, 2009
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There are a lot of vehicles out there that that have custom engine swaps, modified frames and bodies, or are just too old to have a readily-available bolt-in air intake system for it. If you fall into one of these categeories, then you've either accepted that you'll be running a 14-inch chrome filter element forever, or you'll be spending big bucks to have something custom made.

Well, Airaid has come to your aid and is now offering its U-Build-It (UBI) kit, containing all the parts you need to design and build a custom air intake for your vehicle. There are several variations of the UBI kit for every engine from mild to wild. The Master Kit I flows up to 1300 cfm while the Master Kit II is manufactured for heavily modified engines and is capable of 1700 cfm. Both kits use a 3-, 3.5-, or 4-inch diameter, cross-linked polyethylene intake tube. The major difference between the two kits is the air filter. The Master Kit I draws air in through the 4-inch inlet of a 6-inch or 9-inch long Airaid air filter. The Master Kit II achieves its high flow by using an adapter to connect a 6-inch inlet, 9-inch long filter onto the intake tubing. The polyethylene tube comes in a single piece with various length and bends to let the fabricator (you) decide exactly how to route the air intake for that particular vehicle. The Airaid UBI kit is well designed from solid materials, offering a variety of options from a single package.

Whether your rig is bone stock or is built to the hilt, there is an Airaid U-Build-It air intake kit that will give you a performance package with a custom look.

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