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Superior Axle's Super 88 Kit - Awesome Exploder Rear Ends

Jordan Jones | Writer
Posted November 1, 2009
Photographers: Off Road Images

Auburn Gear + Superior Axle = An Expectedly Super Ford 8.8

If there's one thing that '95 Ford Explorers were good for, it's for axle poaching. That Ford 8.8 in the back of them came with a 5x4.5 bolt pattern on 31-spline axles (hello, Ranger and Jeep guys), disc brakes, and a whole lot of potential. The axle's biggest downfall is the C-clip design. For about $400, you can find these axles readily available. They're great axles for building and are the correct width and bolt pattern to swap into a lot of newer Jeeps and Ford Rangers.

With Superior Axle's Super 88 kit, these axles can go from having potential to fully achieving it-and for less than $2,000 including a locking differential! The Super 88 kit eliminates the C-clip design, upgrades to 31-spline 4340 chromoly axleshafts, and keeps the hubs riding on the housing itself instead of just the four housing end bolts. It also widens the track width of the axle one inch per side. We picked up a Super 88 kit for around $600, an Auburn ECTED differential was around $650, and the Exploder 8.8 was around $400. By the time you add a new Superior ring & pinion and some bearings, you're getting close to $2,000. But for that money, you'll have a 31-spline chromoly shaft rear end with disc brakes and a locking differential!

Now we just need to figure out which vehicle we're putting this in...

Price Breakdown
Ford 8.8 Explorer axle $400
Superior Super 88 kit $610
Auburn ECTED differential $650
Superior 4.56:1 ring & pinion $190
Install kit $90
Total $1,940


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