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New Products - What Will They Think Of Next?

ReadyLift Suspension
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted December 1, 2009

New Products Gets Supersized

Every month, we have a short answer to that question with a page or two of New Products. The creative minds in the off-road industry continue to outdo themselves, so this month we've dedicated a bigger chunk of space to showcase what's new.

Stay-Put Header Bolts
Heat and vibration have an uncanny way of backing out header bolts. Once the header bolts have disappeared, leaks are inevitable.

Percy's High Performance Split-Lock header bolts lock internally, expanding the bolt threads against the thread wall.
To install, simply tighten the bolt, and then tighten the set-pin.
Available in black oxide or stainless steel.
Made and packaged in the USA from premium-quality materials.
Sizes available for most engine applications.

Percy's High Performance
(573) 346-4409

No-Guess Fiber
In many cases, interior trim panels, dash boards, and other applications can be rendered in fiberglass. One drawback is that fiberglass can be tricky to work with. Mixing resins and catalysts to the proper ratios is required, and then you must work quickly to get your desired shape before the mixtures sets and hardens. Percy's High Performance now has HyperFiber, a composite construction system that's exceptionally user-friendly.

HyperFiber has the fiber and resin combined in an un-cured state. The resin cures when exposed to UV light.
Construct and shape your HyperFiber project out of the sun. Unlike conventional fiberglass, your working time with HyperFiber is nearly unlimited.
When the final shape and configuration are reached, bring your HyperFiber project out into the sunlight to begin the curing and setting process. You can also use a Percy's UV light indoors to set and cure.
HyperFiber is available with or without memory wires that hold your project in shape during construction.
HyperFiber is non-flammable and contains no hazardous materials. It cleans up with soap and water; great for use in automotive, marine, car audio, or any other application that requires a composite be used.

Percy's High Performance
(573) 346-4409

Finally a Fold-Down Tailgate
Tailgates are a time-honored trailside cooking location. Jeep YJ, TJ, TJ Unlimited/LJ, and JK Wrangler models have a swing-out tailgate. Swag Off Road has a fold-down conversion kit for these Jeeps.

Swag's conversion kit comes with everything you need to perform the fold-down tailgate conversion.
No cutting or welding is required.

Swag Off Road
(541) 915-2775

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