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Mag Hytech Aluminum Transmission Pan and Diff Cover

Posted in How To on December 1, 2009
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Repeating "Heat is the number one killer of all drivetrain parts," never seems to get old. Perhaps it's because it's one of those things that, no matter how well you know it, you'll ignore someday and it'll bite you in the ass. We've fried multiple transmissions, axles, transfer cases, engines ... you name it, we've fried it. That's why adding coolers and extra-capacity pans to engines, transmissions and axles is never a bad idea.

Mag-Hytec is known for having some of the highest quality items available for transmissions and axles of all kinds. The aluminum pans not only house more fluid than a factory pan, they are also stronger, and have magnetic drain pans, dipsticks, and threaded holes for temperature senders.

Since Jeeps R Us in Laguna Beach, California, services more than just Jeeps, we went down to have them pop on a Mag-Hytec transmission pan and differential cover and fill them back up with some delicious Royal Purple fluids (do not drink).

We used an infrared heat gun to check temperatures, and found an almost 30-degree difference between the stock transmission pan and the Mag-Hytec pan after only driving home from work. The differential showed a 25-degree difference. We can only imagine how much the new tranny pan and differential cover will help when we put a real strain on the vehicle, towing or off-roading.

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