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1993 Toyota Pickup Total Chaos Balljoint Long Arm Kit

Posted in How To on February 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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My '93 Toyota Prerunner has finally found a name thanks to reader Joe Pagay, who wrote in with the winning name. Some swag will be headed your way, Joe. The Wasabi Project (as it is now known) is still holding strong with 238,000 miles on the odometer. By far this has been the most reliable truck in our fleet. Because of the extreme reliability you get out of these little Toyota pickups, they make awesome platforms for a prerunner. Since we are going to be taking our truck out into the desert, far out of AAA's reach, it's nice to know this is a reliable vehicle.

With that said, it's time to upgrade the suspension to a Total Chaos A-arm and coilover kit! You might recall our project Toyota from previous issues; we took $5,000 and turned it into a budget prerunner. First, I installed a Downey torsion bar suspension, an All-Pro interior rollcage, Pro Comp Wheels, BF Goodrich 32x11.5 tires, and an Optima battery. Unfortunately I was having problems with the 32x11.5 tires rubbing the fenders and firewall so we installed Glassworks fiberglass fenders and had the crew at Total Chaos tub the firewall. T and J Performance added a set of Mastercraft seats and five-point harness, and some Auto Meter gauges finished off the most recent build.

I've been having a great time with the current setup, but the suspension left me wanting more in really rough sections. The old Downey kit was great for the money, but I was ready to widen the track width a little, and upgrade from torsion bars to coilovers. Since I already had a torsion bar mid-travel suspension on this truck, I wanted to step directly into some Fox coilovers this time around. I turned to Total Chaos Fabrication (TC), knowing that I was keeping somewhat of a budget in mind, and opted for its Balljoint Kit (PT#92100). It's 3 inches wider per side and comes with everything you need to turn an '84-to-'95 Toyota 2WD into a banchin' machine! One of the coolest aspects of TC's kit is that you can do it in stages if you can't suck up the cost of the kit and new coilover shocks all at one time. The torsion bars can be retained, and you can add coilovers another day when your wallet is a little greener.

Installing a long-travel suspension kit with coilovers was a bit over my head. Knowing full-well what I was capable of, I called Off Road Warehouse in San Diego, California, since Total Chaos recommends it as an excellent installation center of TC's suspensions. Shop manager Ryan Rodenberger was a huge help with getting everything scheduled and finished within our very short timeline. Ryan introduced us to Tony Hammell, one of his highly skilled fab guys, and we were off and working. Tony spent countless hours making sure everything fit perfectly and it shows.

Here is my new Total Chaos Balljoint Long-Arm Kit (PT# 92100). It comes with upper and lower control arms, a strut frame, braided stainless brake lines, 3/4 x 5/8 chromoly rod ends, bushings, bump stops, and all the necessary hardware. I chose to run Fox Shox 2.5 8-inch-stroke coilovers with single-rate 450-pound coils. The coilover set up requires some custom upper shock hoops and an engine brace. Off Road Warehouse (ORW) built mine as the kit's install neared finish.

Naming Our Green Toyota Project
We just wanted to say thank to everyone who wrote in and gave us some suggestions. We had a great time reading your emails and they gave us more of a laugh than a lot of things that we can't print in the magazine. Some of the best (and more legal) suggestions we got were:

Avocado Gobbler
Big Poppa Pickle
Flem Monkey
Funky Booger!
The Green Monster
The Green Weenie
The Little Leprechaun
Loogie Nights
Mucho Verde
Pea Shooter
Project Wasabi
Shaq Attack
Olde Guacamole
Sand flea
Sandy green
Sand pounder
Sand toy
Snot rocket
Swamp thing
Sweet Leaf
The Wasabi Project

Joe Pagay from Honolulu, Hawaii, wrote in with the most popular name (the staff voted), "The Wasabi Project." Thanks again, Joe. We'll be sending you some stuff soon.

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