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GenRight Legend Extreme Suspension System - Building A Brawnier Brute

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Christian Lee | Writer
Posted March 1, 2010
Photographers: Courtesy of GenRight Off-Road

Part I: GenRight "Legend" EXTREME Suspension Installation

There comes a time in every vehicle's life when change is necessary. While our Jeep Wrangler-turned-AEV Brute had already experienced quite a bit of change, we were itching for more as we continually strive to achieve the best possible trail set up and highway ride combination. The ride wasn't bad by any means. But, still, we knew it could be much better. Seeking something along the lines of a custom trophy truck-style long-travel suspension that could attack any impossible obstacle we came across and still scoot us about town in comfort, we discovered GenRight Off-Road and its Legend Extreme suspension system.

One of the most notable attributes of the Legend Extreme system is that it lends the ability to reposition the front and rear axles to stretch the Wrangler's wheelbase. Most will find they can move the front axle forward about 2 to 3 inches and the rear axle back up to 5 inches, to achieve more than 100 inches of wheelbase. This is especially beneficial for those running 37-inch-and-larger tires. With the AEV Brute kit we had already added 24 inches to create a 117.4-inch wheelbase. With the GenRight Legend Extreme kit we'd add more by moving the front axle forward 5 inches for better tire to fender clearance. All told we'll net a 122.4-inch wheelbase.

GenRight's Legend Extreme system isn’t your typical driveway installation job. It's a completely new coilover suspension system that requires removal of most factory suspension brackets and mounts. You'll need a lift, welding equipment, plasma or cut-off torch, metal bending and fabrication skills, a whole mess of tools, and a healthy knowledge about suspension geometry and set up. For the most part the kit is somewhat of a custom system with most of the more difficult steps already accomplished.

Installation of the coilover shock system requires removal of the stock suspension brackets on the frame. We already had coilover mounts in place at the front and rear of the Brute but they were tucked mostly beneath the fenders and incorporated the factory spring buckets up front, which would impede moving the axle forward. With the GenRight hoops we’d also open up the fenderwells a bit more to fit 14-inch-travel King coilover shocks.


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