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Trail Rig Upgrades - Under $200

Rough Country
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted March 1, 2010

21 Ways To Ease Wallet Pain

There's a cacophony of woeful tales relating to the recent economic downturn. Editorial focus lately is toward ways to get by with less, and this is one such story. At the same time, we think that information about penny-pinching is useful whether times are prosperous or tough. Think about it: when the economy was better, did you have an unlimited budget? We didn't either.

What's assembled here is a collection of goodies that cost $200 or less. No, we haven't unearthed a magical source of custom axles for $199.95, but we have found 21 items that can potentially improve your trail rig, or improve your backcountry experience.

Upgrades don't have to break the bank.

Price Zone Guide:
$ = $1 to $49.99
$$ = $5 to $99.99
$$$ = $100 to $149.99
$$$$ = $150 to $200

(Disclaimer: Price range was correct at press time. If you get to the point of purchase and the price has gone up, it has nothing to do with us. We can't take credit if the price has gone down, either. Oh well.)

The JackMate
Price Zone: $

The JackMate replaces the standard-issue top clamp on high-lift-style jacks with a multi-purpose jack attachment that can be used in a variety of useful ways.
• Attaches to jack bar with a quick-release pin
• Increases the jack's winching, clamping, and crushing capabilities when used as a top clamp
• Used as a replacement jack base, the JackMate bites into logs or boards to keep the jack from sinking

Rescue 42
(888) 427-3728

Nitro Excalibur 300M Competition U-joints
Price Zone: $$$ to $$$$

Want your U-joints made from ultra-premium material? Look no further than 300M, a high-grade alloy with superior strength and durability.
• Bushings are used in place of needle bearings
• Needle bearings are a common weakness of typical U-joints
• No needle bearings means greater strength
• Caps are retained by full-circle snap rings
• Machined from 300M billet material
• Made using high-precision machining and state-of-the-art heat treating
• Made in USA
• Lifetime warranty against breakage

JT's Parts and Accessories
(509) 888-2953

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