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Scothc Lock Connectors

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ATS provides Scotch-Lock connectors that tap directly into the stock harness. Scotch-Locks are good, but soldering is even more secure. Loren plans to go back and have these connections soldered later on. After everything was buttoned back up, Loren took his Super Duty for a spin. I asked him what he thought. "Do you want me to say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread?" he asked. Loren's the understated type, and not one to jump and shout. "Nope," I replied. "Just your honest opinion." Loren's assessment? "There's no 7.3-style turbo lag. It's making more boost than stock, so that's good, too. I like it." We think ATS has done its homework, combining VGT-like performance with the simplicity and reliability of a non-VGT turbocharger. Whether you express it by yelling and screaming or just by cracking a smile, the ATS Aurora 3000 turbo kit is indeed something to get excited about.